Nursing Home for Elderly

Nursing Home for Elderly. The concept for the nursing home was to create a homely environment for the residents, which also did not require the nursing staff to walk excessive distances. Particular care has been taken to ensure that all the rooms are naturally ventilated and enjoy a good level ...

iPhone and iPad Developer

ORTLOS is looking to hire iPad and iPhone developers for our upcoming projects. You’ll be working closely with our team of skilled UI designers to create spectacular apps for the App Store. Ideal candidates will not only have a comprehensive understanding of the programming languages, APIs, frameworks, etc. ...

ORTLOS Lecture @ Bartlett UCL

6.30pm Wednesday 19th January 2011 /G01/2/3, Bartlett School of Architecture, Wates House,22 Gordon Street, London, WC1H 0QB, Bartlett School of Architecture International Lecture Series

Fitness Centre + Hotel

The scheme includes establishment of local business and town center with following features: wellness and fitness centre inclusive coffee house for about 150 guests, covered tribune for the sport area with integrated functions, medical practice, supermarket, dentist, pharmacy, hotel with 20 rooms, restaurant with 200 sits, and senior housing with ...

ORTLOS in Second Life

Ortlos in Second Life was established to critically examine the possibilites of the ”virtual world-making”, alternative modes of production, a new design strategies and dislocated performative collaboration.

ORTLOS @ Culture Lab Newcastle

Lunch Bites, 18/01/11 12:30: ORTLOS. Lunch Bites is a series of hour-long lunchtime conversations, hosted in Space 7, Culture Lab, New Castle UK, featuring local and visiting thinkers and creators.

Exhibition “Performative Networked Design” @ AFC London

11 January – 3 March , ACF London // The exhibition shows recent works by ORTLOS including interactive displays, rapid prototype models, renderings, photographs and objects. The installation “Performative Space Prototype” is an interactive simulation environment for designing and rendering models.

Exhibition Sensitive Space @ Kunsthaus Muerz

A “Sensitive Space” by ORTLOS is a prototype for the space which goes beyond the imagination. A Space which underlies Georg Flachbart’s pledge for “disappearing architecture”, it radically expands the Jacques Lacan’s “other” and it is build utterly out of information: light, visual image and audio. Nothing haptic. A meta-machine is ...


Within the project inSPACEin we have created an architecturally formulated information-communication environment filled with the cultural content based on the event program for the city of Graz (in this particular case), cultural capital of Europe 2003. This environment with mostly digital content can be then shipped and presented at any ...

Media City Conference

Together with mind(21)factory ORTLOS will present a paper at international scientific conference in Weimar, Germany. The title of the paper is: Boulevard of "Production: A Future Talents Attractor". This talk presents research results of our project "City Upgrade".The Session 2 will be on Saturday with topic: "Social pratices and public ...

Nick’s Cave Trailer

Nick’s Cave is a story about mid-thirties person who decides to withdraw himself to self build virtual cave, an asylum in order to plan his revenge upon his biggest enemy: small city where he grew up and its middle-class people. But even with his 6 virtual clones (each representing one ...

Demo House

Because of its high symmetry, the cube is a regular polytype, and has an excellent SA/V ratio. Two interlocking cubes form the DEMO HOUSE, a third cube shapes the carport. The wooden cube, the "private” part of the house, is rotated 17.5 degrees to the northwest and brings a light to the ...

The Thing & The Wing

"The Thing and The Wing" symbolizes a state of mobility, distortion and flows, a certain mood and a programmatic openness and non-dogmatic definitions. Loose architecture made of steel and translucent polymorph surfaces and bodies temporarily captures one possible state of the flow simulation. Virtual view-lines are distorted and atmospheric effects are used ...

Restaurant Mangolds

Mangolds - Konzept für die Decke Ausgehend von dem wichtigsten Imageträger von Mangolds, dem Essen, das  frisch, leicht und unverfälscht   angeboten wird, soll auch die Decke das Gefühl von Leichtigkeit und Frische vermitteln. Das gewählte Material ist daher ein bedruckbares und durchleuchtbares Membran, das mit dünnen Seilen abgespannt den Eindruck vermittelt, als ...

Castle Guesthouse

Guesthouse  - Retzhof castle The architecture of the guesthouse extension to the existing castle is inspired by the meadows landscape of southern Styria and by the park which spreads in front of the castle – an architectural echo the alluvial forest. The trees of the park are reflected in an abstract ...


EXPO 08 - The Austrian Wave of Life It is a metaphor for the water resources in Austria, a vision for a natural treasure, which will get particularly precious in the next decades of our century. The identification with purity, clearness and freshness is the core for The Austrian Wave of ...

Hong Kong

Our proposal is based on the idea of the city, which is all over you at the same time: up and down, left and right, forward and backward, with the different quality of urban sequences.

Urban Park

A green grove is the poetic offer of an enchanting new site design for the city of La Paz, Bolivia. The main idea is to incorporate the Urban Park of La Paz into a natural network, through defining its own identity.

Shaping the Future – International Conference

ORTLOS has been invited to the international conference "Shaping the future" in Košice, Slovakia, on the 9th and the 10th September. Andrea Redi and Georg Flachbart will report about creativity, as the energy of success, considering our project ...

ANDI – A New Digital Instrument

A.N.D.I. (A New Digital Instrument), is an open source software development project dedicated to providing a web based platform of highly integrated tools for creative trans-disciplinary collaboration in architectural design.

The Grand Egyptian Museum

The project for the GrandEgyptianMuseum in Giza, Egypt attempts to present and visualize the country’s great history rather than to show the exhibits only. The image of our project is based on Network of Experience and Knowledge. The objects become more understandable when they can be viewed in the context ...

Recruiting for Project Architects

ORTLOS architects is currently recruiting project architect (job runner) with exceptional design and management skills, and 3-5 years experience, to work on a range of exciting projects from our Graz office. Additional required skills ...

List of projects

This web site is currently under the construction and soon it will replace the old ortlos web sites. Meanwhile there is a not complete list of our architectural projects here:

Inn Vertebrate – Beyond the hive 2010

Beyond the Hive 2010 Beyond the Hive is sponsored by The City of London Corporation and British Land. The competition, designed to encourage biodiversity in the City of London, asked entrants to design a five star hotel for insects. The designs were whittled down to a shortlist of five hotels, which ...

Golem Reloaded

The aim of this installation is to express and expose a model for innovative forms of living and working for the European cultural space in the era of global network, the age difference, ambivalence and extreme openness.

Digital Library

We developed the notion of reading and walking, or walking and reading, as the conceptual organization of the project. This project is about a contextless, imaginative and flexible system which describes the narrative space as dualism between the space of reading and the reading of space.

ORTLOS @ La Biennale, Venice

The conception of our installation for the exhibition of the 7th International Architecture Exhibition 2000, La Biennale in Venice, with the working title of Less Aesthetics More Ethics", is a symbolic manifesto addressing new methods of operation in architecture.

ORTLOS @ Bartlett

ORLOS will teach this year Diploma Unit at the Bartlett School of Architecture UCL - link. The unit has its own website. Who was Tesla? A genius scientist, engineer, inventor and discoverer of the principles and laws of nature claiming ...


All the competition projects which don't have their own project page are now summarized here.

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