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ORTLOS iPhone App released

ORTLOS first iPhone App called Gandis has been released. This is a part of this years projects focus: "Green through IT". Gandis is iPhone application which supports energy-efficient planning of buildings in a very early design phase. With the help of interactive 3D models that encourage playful experimentation GANDIS enables users to find ...

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iThink Reader

iThink is an intelligent e-reading platform, which not only enables the reading of e-books, but also helps in understanding those. The aim of the iThink project is to envision, design and deliver electronic reading environment which differs from “classical” readers in that it helps humans in the process of understanding ...

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ANDI – A New Digital Instrument

A.N.D.I. (A New Digital Instrument), is an open source software development project dedicated to providing a web based platform of highly integrated tools for creative trans-disciplinary collaboration in architectural design.

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