Beijing Education Center

“International Education Centre” in Beijing is an spatial experience not only for learning and sports, but also for creativity and imagination as well the social interaction.

Active House N v2.0

This project emphasizes the performative aspects of the design process. This means that the formal and functional optimization, with focus on only significant elements, mimics so called ”bionics” design principle in architecture. Under construction 2015...

Interactive Public Sound Environment (IPSE)

Interactive Public Sound Environment (IPSE) is a site-specific performative spatial environment integrating audio-visual composition responsive to the engagement between participants. IPSE encourages participants to create their own ‘performative space’ by interacting with their fellow participants.

Smart City

ZERO WASTE CITY, ZERO CARBON CITY through Active Urban Landscape. Active Buildings. Active Living.

Vision for AUDI

ORTLOS has been commissioned to develop a vision for the innovative environment supporting the future car development, as well the holistic concept for the future working environment for AUDI.

Innovation Tower

The design of the “Innovation Tower” (7 Bamboo Groves) gathers disparate programmatic, physical, and infrastructural elements from the requirements of the building and its surrounding context, and synthesizes these into a form that seamlessly integrates the building into the idiosyncrasies of its site while expressing multiple flows of movement.

Responsive Public Space

Responsive Public Space (RPS) is a performative spatial environment integrating audio-visual composition responsive to the engagement of participants among themselves.

City Lab

City Lab – a mixed reality-based space module – is an instrument for creative networked collaboration, designed for world-wide usage. This modular environment is flexible due to an implemented innovative technology and a novel workflow. Enriched by mobile and virtual elements a broad spectrum of spatial settings is possible.

Roma Art

Design for European Roma Exhibition in Strasbourg. A wooden structure, a "3D line in space" based on L-System, creates the spatial setting for exhibition.


The subject of camouflaged writings is counted to the genre of “literature disguised”. This form is characterized by the fact that is intended to distract the unsuspecting one by the title page or an envelope or the cover of a publication from the actual, controversial explosive content. With such, mostly ...


Good news: ORTLOS and FormInGrün won the PEPMAC competition in category "Air to Surface" with the project F.U.T.U.R. - from dust till urban regeneration. The scheme proposes urban surfaces as carrier for hydroponic living structures and provides holistic approach to the improvements of urban microclimate, reduction of particulate matter, natural ...

Responsive Open Space Laboratory

ROS Laboratory @ Dom im Berg, Graz Do, 21. Juni 2012 18.00-20.00 Öffnen des Kunstlabors nach viertägiger Experimentierphase | 18.00 Gespräche von KünstlerInnen und TeilnehmerInnen mit den Gästen: Gerhard Eckel, IEM KUGRAZ I Melanie Gau, ComputerVisionLab TUWien I Werner Jauk, Institut für Musikwissenschaften KFUGraz Charlotte Pöchhacker, Artimage I Michael Sammer, ...

Urban Eco-System

Project Urban Eco-System is focused on understanding how cities work as ecological system and how sustainable structures can increase the quality of urban life.

Active House N

  This project emphasizes the performative aspects of the design process. This means that the formal and functional optimization, with focus on only significant elements, mimics so called ”bionics” design principle in architecture. The idea is to achieve maximum of simplicity in a very complex system of connected elements as this happens ...

GreenBuild Conference Belgrade 2011

ORTLOS will participate at the International GreenBuild Conference in Belgrade on 24th of November 2011. Ivan Redi will make presentation with the topic: "Regenerative Architecture - holistic approach toward green architecture". More information can be found here:

ORTLOS iPhone App released

ORTLOS first iPhone App called Gandis has been released. This is a part of this years projects focus: "Green through IT". Gandis is iPhone application which supports energy-efficient planning of buildings in a very early design phase. With the help of interactive 3D models that encourage playful experimentation GANDIS enables users to find ...

Nicks’ Cave screening at MAXXI

"Nick's Cave", architectural trailer by ORTLOS,  has been included in the screening at renowned museum MAXXI Rome. The program has been published and it can be found here The screenings on September the 13th at 8.30 pm, are curated by Image from Florence, Italy, as a part of "YAP MAXXI" - the MAXXI summer ...

Bags UrbanNomad

ORTLOS City Nomad „Every Day“ – bags for „Urban Nomads“ with enough place for laptop, charger, mobile phone and hand baggage. ORTLOS City Nomad „Exclusive“ - an elegant envelope for Laptops, excellent for travelling, meetings and evening receptions.


The Lighthing is an art piece and light object at the same time. The object is a combination of traditional craftsmanship and digital rapid-prototyped production process. Used materials are: polymer surface, aluminium, stainless steel rods, and concrete plate. It’s striking form provides various light settings for different interiors.

iThink released on iTunes

iThink Reader has been released on Apple's iTunes Store. iThink is an intelligent semantic e-reading platform, which not only enables the reading of e-books, but also helps in understanding those.

iThink Reader

iThink is an intelligent e-reading platform, which not only enables the reading of e-books, but also helps in understanding those. The aim of the iThink project is to envision, design and deliver electronic reading environment which differs from “classical” readers in that it helps humans in the process of understanding ...


While the cultural program of the China-Austria-year starts with the first events, and thus, the characteristics of both countries at the center, offer the Austrian Cultural Forum, as always, a variety of unusual events around the world: In Warsaw inspire Silke Hassler and Peter Turrini the literature interested audience, in ...

Sensitive Space

“Sensitive Space” is an audio-visual environment build upon the interaction among the users. It has to be distinguished that here human-human interaction is important, and not, as we are normally used in technological environments, human-computer interaction. The space is sensitive to the behavior of the users (agents) and the events ...

Big green splash

Main concept for office complex in Marghera is to design light ecological sustainable architecture for the formal heavy industrial area. The idea is to create “ecological craters” in the building mass, like if the surface would be penetrated by the water drops. Those interior courts provide fresh air circulation and ...

Centre for promotion of Science

NETWORK ROOF SCAPE Network of Art, Technology and Science The ideas for the project “Centre for promotion of Science and Technology” in Belgrade (Blok 39) evolve around the networks. The design embraces the networked approach on several levels. Conceptually, the networks are inevitable for thinking and working within science, as well as ...

Green Tower

This study for a tower building explores issues of energy-efficiency and green building for a high-riser. The central element of the building is a vertical garden, which acts as green filter providing the office spaces with fresh air and pleasant micro-climate.

Ortlos Rapid Prototypes

This Flickr gallery shows our recent rapid prototype models. We have used SLS technique to produce models in different scales. Although the guaranteed minimal thickness of the single element is 0,1mm some parts of the models have been even thiner. All models have been produced directly from our Rhino files with no reassembling afterwards. Ortlos' projects shown ...

Kunsthaus Graz

cultural spheres / cultural context / why everything becomes a wrapping / a cover / a cloth / fashioning the year 2000 / representation & high aspirations

Ortlos in Back Cover

Ortlos' last book "Architecture of the NetWORKS" in collaboration with David Carson has been mentioned in the newest issue of "Back Cover". In the magazine an unusual stories of collaboration between architects and graphic designers for architectural publications have been presented, including prominent examples such as: "S L M XL" by Rem ...

Book Launch & Panel Discussion

Book announcement and panel discussion "The Emergence of Networked Design and Thinking"- Thursday 3 March 2011, 7.00pm | Austrian Cultural Forum London. Invited experts, such as Kas Oosterhuis, Neil Spiller, Marjan Colletti, Charlotte Pöchhacker and Georg Flachbart will reflect on issues of ‘virtuality’, ecology of performative design and open innovation. The ...

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